Blower Door Test

One of the most vital aspects of the energy efficiency and comfort of your home is how well it performs in terms of keeping hostile outside air out and conditioned air in.

Blower Door testing is performed according to RESNET standards utilizing sophisticated equipment to measure the air tightness of the building envelope. Calculations are made to determine the number of times per hour the entire inside air volume changes with outdoor air. Blower door results are described in terms of Air Changes per hour at a test pressure of 50 pascals, or ACH50.

Lower is Better

A house with an ACH(50) of 5 is more efficient than a house with an ACH(50) of 6. For reference, an ENERGY STAR certified house has an ACH(50) of 5 or less. Whereas average existing homes measure as high as 10 ACH(50) or more which is like having a window open 24 hours a day.

Florida Building Code Compliance

Houses permitted after July 1, 2017 are required by Florida Building Code to have a tested building envelope leakage of 7 air changes per hour or less.

Existing Homes

Blower door testing is an essential part of understanding the building performance of an existing home.