New Construction

Smart builders understand the advantage of sound building science integration in the build process to ensure the highest quality product for their clients.

Services for builders:

  • Energy calculations for permitting
  • HVAC load calculations
  • Design analysis to compare performance and ROI between components
  • Objective third party inspections for improved quality assurance
  • Performance tests to confirm expectations
  • HERS Ratings to document and certify superior performance
  • Above code certification programs

The HERS Advantage

Today informed builders are turning to the RESNET HERS Rating as a way of increasing their competitive advantage in the marketplace. The only nationally recognized method for rating the performance of a home, the HERS Rating provides above-code builders the opportunity to document and showcase their superior building practices.

Leading the Pack

Most builders today tout some version of a “Green” or “Energy Efficient” dimension to their brand many times unfortunately amounting to little more than green wash.  Savvy builders use the HERS Index to elevate their brand by documenting the actual performance of their homes in hard numbers and let the objective, third party ratings back up their branding and commitment to quality.