Certification Paths

SOHO GREEN offers builders and their clients three primary certification paths:


HERS Index Ratingyardstick_large

  • Analysis and projected energy performance rating based on architectural plans
  • Cost vs. Benefit analysis between component choices to compare and confirm return on investment
  • Thermal enclosure inspection pre-drywall to confirm quality installation and design value achievement
  • Final inspection and performance tests of building envelope and duct system air tightness


HERS + Quality Assurance 

Same core HERS Rating process outlined above plus QA Inspection Suite


  • Moisture management system design and quality installation
  • Envelope penetrations, air barriers, appropriate sealing
  • Cursory review of HVAC system sizing calculations for design accuracy
  • HVAC system quality installation and design congruence
  • Exhaust fan flow testing to confirm sufficient installed air flow rate
  • Pressure mapping to verify proper air return from all rooms


Same core HERS process outlined above plus EPA ENERGY STAR checklists:

  • EPA Thermal Enclosure Quality Installation Checklist
  • EPA HVAC Quality Installation Rater Checklist
  • EPA Water Management / Indoor Air Plus


Other Above Code Options